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François Coorens


François Coorens, originaly from Belgium, is an artist with punk and rock influences, his figurative and deconstructed artwork occurred by accident. “One day I accidently upturned an expensive paint pot on a piece of work while painting, to save some of it he started scraping the canvas. What came out of it amazed him and the result actually pleased him, "his style was there”. 


François Coorens artwork is a mix of television, cinema and tabloids references painted on large and provocative boards.  François Coorens artwork plunges us into a stirred world where bodies, colors, words and graphics overlap each other to create a unique atmosphere. A fun, pop and upbeat art which tells stories about a society driven by its own desires, a society worshipping its mass media childhood heroes to reassure itself

Découvrir les oeuvres de François Coorens

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